The Black Rain of Modernity – Wester Ross – 150cm 92cm – Acrylic on Canvas.


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A screaming exploding Croft, a ghost with a coat, a gargoyle rock. Endless sheets of black and A silver cloud of absolute majesty.

The hills of Wester Ross are portrayed as viewed from Achnahaird.

This is a large painting, very reflective, there is silver throughout I have tried to show this shinyness in the photos. The light really plays across the canvas and gives it such a varied look throughout the day. Recently I had a trip up to Mullardoch in Glen Affric and witnessed some amazing silver light between rain storms, all my recent works have tried to capture / reflect this experience. I have done quite a lot of work related to the clearances in Wester Ross and this is another homage to the indigenous people of the area of which my Granny was one.

You will need a large room for this one and it would really benefit from having a window casting light upon it. It is in-fact designed with this in mind. It is an attempt to portray how the light washes across a landscape in the ever changing interplay of light on land.

I am proud of this one!

Pick up from Glasgow very much preferred, a courier can be arranged at great expense.