Vík – Iceland – Original painting inspired by Reynisdrangar – 90cm x 60cm acrylic on canvas


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Being in the landscape of Iceland was a mind melter, so alien yet somehow so familiar. They’re is a kinship in the North, it is millennia old, I still feel it. Whilst on the black sand beach at Vík we saw people riding horses, the sea birds spiralling above the cliffs and whilst lining up the photo that this painting is based on, a boy ripped past us on a quad. Man he was having fun just churning up the black sand and winging it over the grassy dunes. I really did wish to be that kid. Traveling through the Southern region and further to the east it struck me how similar the Icelandic farms are to those on the Scottish west coast. They even seem to have the same taste in tractors and other heavy plant, with the notable exception of their monsterous glacier buggies, which on the whole seemed to be based on American ford vans. Honestly I could spend years just documenting their excellent crofting credentials.


This painting is pretty big and there is much more detail in the black than the photos suggest. There is also a lot of silver used throughout, even in the shadows so it has a subtle, iridescent quality which I think captures the nature of that beach well. I have always loved black but now I have been to this coast line I cannot over state how much more I love the black. The stacks on the horizon are called Reynisdrangar and I really, really need to get back to this place so I can walk round that headland and wander the mountains to North.

Pick up in Glasgow very much preferred, can be couriered at vast expense. Please get in touch if you cannot pick up so I can thrash out the details with you. Thanks for looking Slàinte