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‘It is my dream to walk into those central highlands’ – Inspired by Iceland – 101cm x 76cm acrylic on canvas

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As we drove along the South coast I became more and more agog. I could not believe what I was seeing. The endless mountains, the incredulous and ever changing landscape; nothing was similar or ordinary. The whole world become ever more incredible with each kilometer. I found it hard to speak, to drive, to compute all this amazing… I had such a strong urge just to walk right in amongst it, an obvious folly being foreign to it all. But a very strong urge nonetheless. Although I have poured over photos of Iceland for years, one photographer in particular has produced such captivating work from the central highlands of Iceland. That photographer is Bruce Percy and his work is one of the main reasons I have always wanted to visit this place. But even his excellent portraits could not prepare me for the reality of it and by the time we got to Jokulsarlon I was so dumbfounded, I just wandered about the water of the lagoon with my mouth wide open, eyes flitting. I just can’t believe these places actually exist. I have to get back there and for an elongated time. Honestly, I have never come across a country I would leave Scotland for but now I have.

This is a sizeable canvas, with considerable textural detail in the blackness. The bottom left corner has charcoal in the gloss to add texture and the gloss highlights the energetically swiped river / passage that leads into the highlands there. The mountain is highly detailed and textured and you can look at it for ages. Would suit a massive heavy frame and a dark wall in the sunshine. It has serious bombast…


Pick up in Glasgow very much preferred, can be couriered at vast expense. Please get in touch if you cannot pick up so I can thrash out the details with you. Thanks for looking Slàinte