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I envy Sigi – 75cm x 75cm – acrylic, silver and copper on box canvas.


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This one started life as a composition based off one of Bruce Percy’s photographs of Iceland. But it changed a lot on it’s way to this and is now called ‘I envy Sigi’. Sigi is an icelandic guide that I follow on instagram, Frankly his life looks pretty sweet, always on an adventure, always embracing danger like a long lost friend. He’s inspiring to me, though I have never met him. I mean I don;t think I’d have the chops to keep up with him, I’d get so tired. I must get stronger!!!

Heavily textured with a selective gloss for added 3 dimensional, light in the black trickery… It’s been a popular one on the social medias this one…. not that that ever means nuheen!!!!

Would look boss in chunky frame…

Viewing very much encouraged.

Pick up preferable, can be couriered at intense expense.