i ♥ Tongue – 76cm x 61cm – Acrylic on Canvas + Super Black + Copper and Silver Foil.




At a stretch this could be Ben Loyal up in Tongue. The clouds would be obscuring a fair bit of it, but the main peak… aye sure. It’s ben loyal. It’s more the big red area in the bottom half that gave me the tongue reference to be honest. This started out as a highly abstract piece and ended up evoking that special bit of Sutherland. I’m just about to make a trip up so it’s memory is churning over in my mind.

This is vibrant and really pops, lot’s of interesting warm shades which is rare for me. The silver and copper foil add a real changeable nature, in that as the light plays across it during the day the foil will become less or more reflective changing the depth and aspect of the scene. This is further inhance by the use of super black. A special low dispersion shade of black that has an enless matte quality. Really chuffed with this one. You should get it while it’s hot. Last three painting in this ilk were out the door in less than a week. Another interesting aspect of this work is the copper foil which I have no treated, so depending on how dry or damp the environment it is kept in, the foil will change shade. Wet goes green and Dry goes Redder, at least this is what I read. Still an interesting wee nougat of interest I think. Changes in nature yaddda yadda, etc ,etc.