Exclusive A3 Print – Unused, unseen Treacherous Orchestra “Grind” artwork

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This one-off, exclusive A3 print features an image made for the Treacherous Orchestra’s second album “Grind”. Due to cliched, rock & roll “creative differences” the artwork was never used. I repurposed this image in 2018 and it featured on 40 Croft No. Five ‘Re-Crofted’ reunion tour t-shirts.


What you see is the symbolic beast of scotland a Unicorn. Said beast has recently grown wings to become a Pegacorn. So close to freedom it is chained to a royal orb of unimaginable weight. Said orb is surrounded by gold sovereigns and dirty, scheming, over fed rats. To the left a young Kyrgyz girl is slowly grinding the chain which binds the Pegacorn to the spot. She is ably assisted by her Honda 4hp petrol generator and that Capercaillie from Glen Feshie. Above an Arabian hawk clasps the declaration of Arbroath. In the distance vultures circle.


This is a highly detailed print (1200dpi) printed on archival, cotton paper.


One of One. No digital copy of this design exists.