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2020 Landscape Photography Calendar


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  1. The calendar goes International.

Full of my stereotypically stylised shots of Scotland, Iceland & Éire…

So, in January I had my mind blown by Iceland. The 2020 calendar includes two images from that trip and one from Northern Ireland. It has to be said that Iceland has redefined how I see myself. I no longer brand myself as a proud Scottish Highlander. In the current human sphere, the world is becoming polarised and divided. I think that national pride is becoming misplaced and a symbol of further division. Frankly, I find I have far more in common with the people of Iceland than I do with the majority of Great Britain. Regardless… I continue to find sanctuary in the landscape and the great outdoors. Landscapes do not care about humans, despite our very best efforts to destroy and control them. So this year marks a sea change in my outlook and approach to everything.  What this entails I am not yet sure but perhaps these images and the associated rants go some way to illustrating my fresh perspective on everything. It is a brave new world.

Months are presented in Gaelic and English and are devoid of any public holidays or religious festivals, so you can please yourself with how you mark the days 😉

I hope my wee stories portray a certain amount of character and truth. I don’t mince my words.

There is exif data from the camera (i.e. settings from the camera) and coloured dots which highlight the tone and composition of each photo.

I sincerely hope this calendar brings you joy throughout the year and inspires you to get out in the landscape.

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